We are proud to claim that we have a great team of stylists and each member of the team brings their individual personality and style to the salon while subscribing to the overall philosophy of providing what’s best for our clients.

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As one of the Director's and Co-owner of smooth hair, Mel Johnson is passionate about both her role as a stylist and as an educator of her staff. Her love of hairdressing is obvious and those career plans go all the way back to the age of 12 when she used to sweep the hair from the floor of the salon her mother went to. Mel ultimately ended up working there for 4 years!

Outside of the salon Mel is a working Mum with a young family. When she's not at the salon or looking after the family, she's planning dream holidays one of which would be shopping in New York and sipping bubbles in the Mediterran sun!  . For the time being though what keeps Mel coming to work everyday is her genuine enthusiasm for making people feel good about their hair and the great conversations and relationships she has with her staff and clients.

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Brodie has been a part of the smooth family for 11 years after joining the team in August 2006.

As a part time Master Stylist she loves the fact that she's able to work in such a great and relaxing environment and that there is lots of room in the salon so everyone can spread out. Brodie is a big fan of her bosses and says that Mel and Letitia are flexible and understanding. The rest of the team rate a mention in Brodie's estimation too ; she is glad she is part of a happy work environment and puts it down to the fact that she has a great bunch of girls to work with and friendly clients to deal with.

Brodie wants to travel to Italy one day to find out more about her famiy heritage and to eat great food. For now though she keeps busy looking after her family, catching up with friends and watching great TV shows like The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and Downton Abbey.




Kaitlyn is one of  our third year apprentice's at smooth. She has always wanted to be a hairdresser, & after moving from Canberra & her large family of 6 siblings she has landed here at team smooth.

Her favourite thing to do when not in the salon is reading. She is an avid reader of anything but does enjoy a good romance book & K.C Lynn is her favourite author.

Whilst on the salon floor, Kaitlyn enjoys all aspects of hairdressing.  She attends the Clip Joint Academy for her training & hopes to have this completed very soon!


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Lucy is one of  smooth's second year apprentices. She describes herself as bubbly, smiley & likes to laugh a lot.

She has a passion for art which is perfect for her chosen career as a hair stylist. Lucy in her spare time loves to catch up with her friends & spending time with her family, she is one of 5 children!

Netflix is also a popular pastime for Lucy & she is an avid Foodie!

You will recognise Lucy in the salon with her stunning curly red hair & her bright & bubbly smile.

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Letitia Guillou is the other Director and Co-owner of smooth hair. 'Teesh' as she's also known, has some strong beliefs about the importance of listening to her clients' needs. While keeping across the latest fashion trends is vital, it's also essential to be able to adapt those trends to suit each individual. Letitia also acknowledges how important it is to take notice of people's lifestyles and their ability to manage their chosen hair style.

Outside of work Letitia spends time indulging in her passion of painting and spending time with her boys! When it comes to holidays, she prefers to go somewhere with sun and water and goes out of her way to steer clear of the cold. If she could ask any three people in the world to dinner, she would choose Mark Wahlberg, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp ... hmmm I think we'd all like to go to that dinner!

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Any profile on our Principal Stylist Melissa has to begin in her own words “I ♥ team smooth

Melissa loves sipping lattes and water skiing! She has a passion for reading health and fitness magazines and when she’s not keeping fit, Melissa’s motivation for coming to work everyday comes from the atmosphere, the fun and friendly team and the fantastic clients she gets to spend her days with. Add to that the opportunity to share the latest gossip and the chance to make people happy by creating them a new look and Melissa makes for one very contented Hair Stylist.

With an inbuilt ambition to become a hairdresser from before she can even remember, Melissa believes in keeping up with the latest styles and techniques in all areas of fashion. She says “everyone wants the latest styles and it’s our job to make it possible for them.”